United Downs Raceway - Sunday 22nd September 2019

The penultimate fixture of the season at the United Downs Raceway saw the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars make their final appearance in Cornwall for this season.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Despite the lure of £1000 of lap leader bonuses and a White & Yellow grade final that boasted £350 of prize money and £500 of new tyres, there was a slightly disappointing showing of just 24 drivers.  The White & Yellow grade final doubled as the opening heat, and 663 Bryan Lindsay led from the start, with 828 Julian Coombes and 835 Matt Westaway in pursuit.  Lindsay still held first place at the midway point, but Coombes then swept past and in a dramatic final lap, 196 Phil Chapman held off 105 Ross Rowe and managed to nudge Westaway wide to claim the runner-up place.  In heat two, 118 Josh Toll built up a good early lead, whilst 315 Justin Fisher clashed with British Champion 542 Steven Gilbert.  302 Dale Moon forged his way into second, and as he relieved Toll of the lead, Toll spun in the turnstile bend.  Moon eased clear at the front, and in the very late stages 418 Ben Borthwick got the better of 689 Joe Marquand to finish second.  That saw the Track Championship scores levelled between Borthwick and Gilbert.  325 Ryan Sheahan was swiftly away from the blues in heat three, but he was duly docked at the end of the race.  As with the opening heat, Coombes edged past Lindsay to take over, whilst Moon initially chased Coombes.  However, Gilbert charged up the order, and was second going into the last lap.  He was a fraction out of range behind Coombes, and his challenge heading into turn one on the final lap failed to dislodge Coombes, who thus held on for his second win of the afternoon.  However, Gilbert did regain the Track Championship lead, by two points.  With such dreadful timing, the afternoon’s heaviest shower arrived just as the cars gridded for the Old Motor Cycle Club Trophy final.  Toll drew pole amongst the white graders, but he could not hold off Lindsay’s spirited attack on the opening lap.  Thus, Lindsay grabbed the first £50 lap leader bonus.  The conditions were treacherous, and many drivers went spinning in the formative stages of the race.  Both Marquand and Gilbert suffered technical disqualifications for loose wheel guards.  Chapman relieved Lindsay of the lead, and was first over the line on laps two to five inclusive, which netted him a £200 bonus, but from the front of the blue grade, Sheahan looked very at home on the wet track.  He hit the front to lead on lap six, and from that point onwards he emphatically charged to victory, adding £50 to his bounty lap after lap.  Chapman was clear in second until the closing stages, when there was a dramatic conclusion.  As Sheahan romped home, Borthwick made an audacious dive at Chapman on the final bend; and missed, which saw Borthwick career into the spun car of Westaway.  By the time Borthwick got going again, he had dropped to sixth place, but those five points did see him leapfrog Gilbert by three points in the Track Championship battle.  Sheahan was the final winner, though, which netted him a first time promotion to red, whilst Chapman was second and Moon rounded out the top three.  Although the track was still soaked by the time of the Grand National, the sun was shining which, combined with the spray, made visibility difficult.  As the race began, Gilbert and Fisher clashed again.  At the front, Chapman streamed into an early lead, and by the halfway point he was still comfortably clear.  Another clash involving Fisher and Gilbert finally ended Gilbert’s Track Championship hopes, for as he looked to launch a revenge attack on Gilbert, he clattered the turnstile bend fence and spun out.  Chapman saw out the remaining laps to score his maiden F2 win and claim the Bob Netcott Trophy, with Borthwick second, which put the seal on the Track Championship.

Back 2 Basics Bangers

A hearty showing of over 30 drivers contested the last Cornish date for the Back 2 Basics Bangers, and they were hugely entertaining.  Absolute mayhem broke out at the start of the first heat, which was led by 37 Danny Carlton-Barnes from 57 Jay Woolcock.  776 Terry Senford flew headlong into the fence on the home straight, and when another stationary car had a flash fire, the race was brought to a temporary halt.  In the closing stages of the restarted race, Woolcock dived at Carlton-Barnes, but only collected a parked car.  It looked like Carlton-Barnes would thus take the win, but on the final bend he overshot the corner, and had to go the long way around some parked cars, which opened the door for 333 Craig Partridge to take the win right at the last moment.  Heat two was equally chaotic, but after 912 Simon Rees led early on, 332 Sasha Martindale took over.  He was comfortably clear, but his car expired with four laps remaining, and that paved the way for Partridge to win for a second time.    The final was won by 34 Lee Jackson, as he overcame early leader 100 Jon Turvey, when he fell foul of some backmarkers.  59 Mike Hamley completed the top three.  A lively Destruction Derby was well subscribed, and Turvey outlasted the rest; celebrating by trashing 666 Sebastian Stevens and 837 Barnabie Carlton-Barnes with the final hits of the contest.

Ramp Rollover Contest

Despite much talk in the build-up to the first Ramp Rollover Contest at St Day for many, many years, ultimately just four intrepid drivers looked to take part.  46 Jason Read fired his Nissan Micra up the ramp, but only managed to roll on to his roof, thus scoring 2 sides.  Next up, Tristan Clement in the loaned 339 car, flew off the ramp, but despite shooting much further down the track he also only managed to score 2 sides.  819 Lewis Rigley was frustrated when his car expired on him before he could charge up the ramp which left just 233 Liam Parkin.  After some mechanical issues, his car eventually fired into life, but like those that had gone before, his score was also 2 sides.  Only Read’s car was fit for a second run, and having shot off the end of the ramp, the car pitched on a corner before stopping on its roof, and thus he again scored 2 sides, but with an aggregate score of 4, he was declared the winner.

BriSCA F2 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 (W&Y Final) 828 196 835 105 325 663 91 572 460 118
Heat 2 302 418 468 676 542 689 315 572 835 91
Heat 3 828 302 542 105 418 676 315 196 468 663
Final 325 196 302 676 315 418 91 572 118 214
Grand National 196 418 302 676 689 315 325 468 460 118
Grade Awards W 663 Y 196 B 302 R 418
Back 2 Basics Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 333 37 34 394 912 57 NOF
Heat 2 333 394 34 912 666 533 NOF
Final 34 100 59 37 666 NOF
Ramp 46 (2+2) 233 (2) 339 (2)
DD 100
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