Smeatharpe Stadium - Sunday 29th December 2019

The pit area was jam packed with Bangers at Smeatharpe for the annual Christmas Holiday period fixture, Banger Bonanza 7.

National Micro Bangers

A hugely impressive showing of 30 National Micro Bangers served up their typical brand of big action from the small cars.  Heat one began with 27 Dean Quinn giving track debutant 7 Reece Neffati a wild ride around the pits bend plating, and 962 Josh Pidgley did likewise to another track debutant 275 Liam Best, whilst 190 Steve Bailey then ran 262 Rob Bugler into the static Best car, and 131 Sam Hill bundled Pidgley into the stationary car of 205 Matt Cottle which left the Cornish driver prone to a strong hit from 720 Kenny Gabriel Jnr.  252 Steve Bugler had led nearly the whole race, but after Bailey’s exchange with his brother, he was then lapped by Bugler as the race was halted with just two laps to go.  Bailey was thus ideally placed to attack race leader Steve Bugler when the race resumed, and that opened the door for 133 Terry Hill to join the battle for the lead.  As Bugler fought back, he missed with his attack on Bailey and bundled into Hill, before rolling on to his side.  The race was halted again, but once Bugler had been recovered from his upturned car, Quinn led off the single file for a second attempt at the last two laps, and duly won from 162 Brett Ellacott.  In heat two, 77 Aaron Charles pulled off a brutal follow-in of 494 Karl James and Quinn did likewise to 741 Alex Waterman.  Rob Bugler led from start to finish, and Steve Bugler made it a family double as the runner-up.  Just as the race was ending, Bailey tried to run in 333 Charlie Randell, which led to a frank exchange of views when the two drivers lined up to exit the track.  The final was halted when 14 Damien Grant required assistance, after he was followed in by Quinn.  This led to a long delay, as Grant had to be extricated from his car, but pleasingly, after a check up at hospital, he was released with no lasting injuries.  In a close contest, 841 Tom Perkins won the re-run race, from Steve Bugler and Charles.  The race then went into the DD for Micro Bangers, and after Perkins had helpfully assisted his traveling mate 247 Sam Parkyn on to the track, Parkyn was duly blown up with a stonking hit.  527 Fergus Smith-Jones took a severe pounding on the back straight from Rob Bugler and Randell, which left his car truncated at each end, and he was a clear winner of the Most Wrecked Car award for the day.  The DD lasted a long time, as drivers eked every last bit of movement from their battered cars, but finally, Pidgley came out on top, landing the final blow on his TYB team mate 160 Jamie Warr.

2 Litre Old Skool Bangers

Almost 60 drivers appeared for the 2 Litre class, with numbers boosted by a late influx of drivers who had been planning on racing at the New Year’s Day event at Birmingham which was subsequently cancelled.  With 24 pre-seeded drivers for the Supreme Championship, the remainder gridded for the Last Chance qualifier, which got underway in predictably chaotic fashion.  113 Chris Jeanes, 70 Jamie Thomas and 458 Layton Quinn disputed the lead initially, before Thomas edged clear and began to build up a considerable advantage.  11 Grubby Frankson took flight on the home straight when he rode up over 836 Adam Oldham.  Much further down the order, former World Champions 239 Steve Carter and 907 Cameron Bradford were making good progress, and whilst they came through unscathed from a back straight pile-up on the last lap to finish second and third behind the distant Thomas, 376 Steve Hill was not so fortunate, and he missed out on a qualifying place, with 768 Tyler Cock inheriting fourth.  Two drivers failed to grid for the Supreme, but there were still 26 hopefuls who lined up in pursuit of the gold/purple roof.  Front row starters 133 Terry Hill and 383 Brad Hutchings disputed the lead for the first four laps, which made for compelling viewing.  However, as they vied for position, 129 Lee Dalton was sat right with them, and he edged ahead.  Hill spun Dalton on the back straight, but Dalton let the momentum of the spin take him backwards towards the fence, where he successfully ran Hill and Hutchings out of room.  With the lead trio all delayed, 131 Sam Hill took full advantage, to build up a commanding lead from 47 Marcus A’Lee, 862 Darryl Cock and Bradford, who had made good progress from the rear of the grid.  As a sideshow to the actual race, 929 Sam Baker made several illegal attacks on 242 Ben Ellacott.  Sam Hill charged on with a flawless drive at the front, and even though former gold top Bradford got as high as second, he could not reel in Hill, who won, to succeed his brother as Supreme Champion.  Cock was third and 743 Jake Bond took fourth.  A heavily subscribed final for the 2 Litre class saw a win from 376 Steve Hill, who was in control of the race from early on.  Bradford was the runner-up once more and 720 Kenny Gabriel Jnr completed the top three.

Back 2 Basics (overs)

There were 45 Back 2 Basics, with a wide variety of cars, including several X-type Jags which seemingly have little other place in National Bangers and a plethora of BMWs.  The track was absolutely packed for the opening race, but through the mayhem, 246 Ryan Sparks swiftly picked his way to the front, chased firstly by 278 Shaun Brokenshire and then by Stock Rod Points Champion 3 Matt Peters.  Sparks then saw his lead vanish when he tangled with VW Beetle mounted 252 Glen Bament.  Peters took full advantage and saw out the remaining third of the race to take the flag.  The second heat featured a multi-car pile-up on the back straight and a splendid track blockage on the exit of turn four, which made for stunning entertainment as drivers fought to find a route through the chaos.  Numbers whittled down to the point that 93 Leon Gordge was leading just four cars, but then he found his route through the blockage to be cut off, and 272 Shaun Ross forced an alternative line out wide by the fence.  Ross took over, and cautiously completed the remaining laps to run out a very popular winner.  Just four cars went the distance in a destructive final, which was won by 333 Craig Partridge, ahead of Gordge and 296 Andrew Kiff.  Five drivers made it out for the Destruction Derby, and 80 Matt Nutley outlasted the rest, to take the victory.

2-litre Bangers Old Skool 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
LCQ 70 239 907 768 first 4 to Supreme
Supreme 131 907 862 743 27 2 383 714 6 239
Final 376 907 720 239 83 714 133 100 912 6
Back 2 Basics Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 3 272 333 335 74 278 218 455 27 435
Heat 2 272 991 93 nof
Final 333 93 296 690 nof
DD 80
National Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 27 162 77 841 284 799 133 84 333 190
Heat 2 262 262 841 284 84 162 27 333 190 962
Final 841 252 77 799 262 333 160 84 962 nof
DD 962
Best Presented 275 846 77
Entertainers 77 27 160 262
Most Wrecked Car 527
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