Smeatharpe Stadium - Tuesday 13th August 2019

A packed programme of races featured on Smeatharpe’s second midweek fixture of the season, headlined by BriSCA Formula Two Stock Cars contesting the Roy Goodman Perpetual Challenge Trophy and the Ash Sampson Memorial.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

A hectic spell of racing took its toll on the entry, which fell just short of that required for a full-format meeting.  Nonetheless, a trio of drivers made their BriSCA F2 debut appearance.  Indeed, it was still a top effort from many involved, on their third or even fourth outing in as many days. So a two-from-three format was adopted with each heat featuring 19 or 20 cars and producing plenty of action.

Heat one brought a win for white-top 134 Cameron McColm.  He was being hunted down by superstar 127 Matt Stoneman in the closing stages, but Stoneman wasn’t quite close enough to make a last-bend lunge stick.  Third was 315 Justin Fisher, having lost out to Stoneman with three laps to go.

McColm was close to making it a double in heat two.  He quickly moved into the lead from the back of the white grade and proceeded to build a gap.  But McColm was closed down by 828 Julian Coombes who expertly cannoned backmarker 398 Ian England into the leader on the final bend and scrambled through for the win, with McColm holding onto second from 302 Dale Moon.

While the stars had scrapped hard in the earlier races, they took it to another level in heat three, with 418 Ben Borthwick, 542 Steven Gilbert and Stoneman trading hits and places on almost every bend.  That slightly hindered their overall progress although Stoneman and Gilbert still made it into the top five behind race winner 689 Joe Marquand, 468 Sam Weston and 325 Ryan Sheahan.

Stoneman, Borthwick and Gilbert were all early casualties in the final, Gilbert (along with Moon) collecting the hooked up 122 Jesse Ashley and debutant 454 Ryan Gardener, which led to a caution period.  Sheahan led the way from McColm, Coombes and Marquand although McColm was forced into retirement and Coombes spun on the resumption.  Sheahan pulled well clear as the rest squabbled but was caught out on the pit bend, handing the lead to Marquand from 854 Robbie Dawson.  The Scotsman, on his fourth meeting in four days having travelled all the way from Aberdeen, pushed past with four laps to go and went on to claim his second feature final of the trip.  Marquand gallantly attempted a last-bend lunge, although realistically he was too far back, but got himself all crossed up and clipped the kerb, allowing Weston through for second.  Marquand held onto third, ahead of the all-action 24 Jon Palmer, 960 Aidy Whitehead and Sheahan.

Before the Grand National, for which the Ash Sampson Memorial trophy would be awarded for the first time, two of Sampson’s cars led the field around, driven by his grandfather Mick Whittle and step-grandfather Roy Goodman in a poignant tribute.  Another good race ensued, with McColm once again belying his white-grade status to lead until just three laps to go, when he was slightly baulked by backmarkers and Moon latched onto his tail, using the bumper to take the lead a lap later.  Moon went on to win from Marquand, McColm and Palmer.  Despite the long journey home, Dawson took his place in the field but failed to make the top 10 from the full-lap handicap after getting delayed by the spun 890 Paul Rice early on.

Stock Rods

Having contested their British Championship at St Day on Sunday, the Stock Rod entry held up at well, with 14 cars in action, including Scotsman 41 Stuart McKinnon.

The heat produced a commanding win for 351 Rhys Langdown, while 92 Adam Daniels held off the attentions of 206 Max Truran and 3 Matt Peters for second.

Langdown then doubled up in the final, flying through to take the lead and surviving a yellow flag period to win from Peters and Truran.  The caution was required after 9 Chris Drake and English Champion 437 Lewis Trickey tangled on the home straight, with Drake then pulling across the track and getting collected by new British Champion 909 Justin Washer, who ripped off a wheel in the crash.

Having hit the front, Daniels, 776 Simon Jones and Peters ran line astern throughout the Grand National but there was no change in position and the trio finished in that order.


The 13-strong entry of 11-15 year-olds produced three very similar races.  In each one, star trio 577 Harry Darby, 985 Sam Carter and 569 Adam Langridge gradually worked their way to the front to contest the victory.  Carter led the final few laps of heat one but a last-bend lunge from Darby spun the 985-machine which then reversed across the line in third behind Darby and Langridge.

Darby attacked Carter on the final bend of heat two as well, but this time the already-crowned track champion held on to win, while white-top 970 Millie Farrell drove a strong race to beat Langridge to third.

Carter’s win in the final was more comfortable after he got a break on the other stars and nudged 942 Leon Williams wide for the lead with five laps to go.  Langridge and Darby nevertheless still filled the trophy places.

Reliant Robins

The annual outing for the three-wheelers raised 10 cars for plenty of fun antics to entertain the crowd. Short oval legend 158 Shane Davies, world champion in the formula some 20 years ago, was among them and it was he who led the entertainment stakes, tipping a couple of cars upside down in heat one, which was won by the aptly-named 17 Lee Robbins.

Davies was at it again in heat two, even managing to turn over race winner 58 Martin Dalton as he crossed the line for victory.  He got final winner 510 Sid Harrison too, but only after the 510-car had crossed the line to win from Ministox graduate 917 Gemma Robbins, with Davies classified third.

A crazy caravan race rounded out the action, with fibreglass and plywood liberally strewn around the track as Lee Robbins was the nominal victor.

BriSCA F2 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 134 127 315 542 606 828 854 302 689 464
Heat 2 828 134 302 24 854 606 468 418 890 895
Heat 3 689 468 325 127 542 184 517 418 315 890
Final 854 468 689 24 960 325 895 184 283 517
Grand National 302 689 134 24 315 542 184 418 325 960
Grade Awards W 134 Y 689 B 468
Stock Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 351 92 206 3 81 909 41 437 9 14
Final 351 3 206 776 41 81 14 437 222 92
Grand National 92 776 3 909 41 81 9 206 351 437
Ministox 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 577 569 985 942 654 984 927 998 913 914
Heat 2 985 577 970 569 913 998 927 984 942 654
Final 985 569 577 654 942 927 913 870 914 617
Reliant Robins 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 17 58 510 917 158 509 518 nof
Heat 2 58 272 17 917 510 158 509 nof
Final 510 917 158 nof
Caravan Chaos 17
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