United Downs Raceway - Sunday 28th July 2019

Underlining its standing as a highlight of summer, the Cornish Caravan Chaos event saw a decent crowd attracted to the United Downs Raceway on an afternoon of very fine sunshine.

Cornish Caravan Chaos

Eight drivers took part in the annual Cornish Caravan Chaos race, which was hugely spectacular, and exceedingly popular with racegoers who stayed on in strong numbers for the concluding race of the afternoon.  Right from the start there was a deluge of action, with caravans being smashed into oblivion at both ends of the circuit.  A small collection of caravans and chassis congregated on the back straight, and 944 Callum Hosie took flight as he shot up and over the heap.  691 Scott Clement was clocking up lap after lap, until he eventually became only the last driver still running with some semblance of a caravan attached.  With victory in the Marshall Janson Award race assured, and encouraged by the crowd, he duly smashed up the remaining parts of caravan around the circuit and then buried himself into the back straight heap, which sparked warm applause.

Saloon Stock Cars

Amongst the Saloon Stock Cars, 944 Callum Hosie was at the wheel of the borrowed Adam Hicks car.  Heat one saw 23 Max Gunter lead early on.  He was then passed by 84 Carl Boswell, but he could not hold off star grader 27 Kieren Bradford who took the win.  Heat two was the race of the day, and featured a stunning climax.  Having wrestled the lead from Boswell, 799 Joe Powell looked on course to win.  However, Boswell tried an audacious last bend attack.  He just connected with Powell, but spun.  Third placed 902 Junior Buster ran wide and clobbered Boswell.  As Powell bounced off the fence, he mounted the kerb and hit an infield marker tyre.  All of this left the door wide open for Bradford, who leapt from fourth to first, without having to do very much at all.  Junior Buster made his way up to first place in the final, and was some way clear at the flag, but another exciting last bend saw 980 Charlie Lobb dive at Bradford and in the scramble to the line, 199 Phil Powell dropped to fourth.

Stock Rods

After the previous evening’s English Championship, numbers fell to a season low of just nine drivers.  After 222 Mike Belcher had led early on, 92 Adam Daniels, 3 Matt Peters and 206 Max Truran enjoyed a close battle in the second half of the race, finishing in that order.  Belcher led for a longer time in the final, but could still not hold off the star grade pack that descended upon him.  In a blanket finish, 909 Justin Washer just held on to win from Peters, Truran and Daniels.  In the Grand National, 81 Rob Johns and 14 Ross Montgomery got in an unsightly tangle on the home straight, whilst Daniels, Peters and Truran finished as the top three in a repeat of the opening race.

Back 2 Basics Bangers

A good showing from the Back 2 Basics Bangers included a number of drivers making their first appearance in the formula, and a first appearance at the circuit.  One such driver, 8 Chris Nettle, made a great start in the first race, and amidst a host of spins and crashes all around the raceway, he kept a calm head to win convincingly.  Heat two was halted on lap three when 819 Aaron Hicks tipped upside down on the back straight.  233 Liam Parkin was hugely entertaining all around the track, but 455 Shane Kennard swept to victory with a fine drive.  The final featured a pink chicane on the home straight, as 69 Clint Gilbert and 144 Liam Gilbert each came to a halt.  435 Ron Nicholls ploughed into them at one point, but 394 Ben Myers was uncatchable as he stormed to the chequered, finishing over half a lap ahead of 145 Stuart Squires and Kennard.

Saloon Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 27 902 84 980 799 199 50 00 23 642
Heat 2 27 980 199 23 00 944 642 84 902 nof
Final 902 27 980 199 84 799 00 642 944 23
Stock Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 92 3 206 437 14 81 909 222 nof
Final 909 3 206 92 222 81 14 nof
Grand National 92 3 206 909 437 222 14 81 nof
B2B Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 8 455 69 690 691 100 145 157 533 nof
Heat 2 455 100 11 786 59 69 435 306 233 533
Final 394 145 455 59 100 435 8 34 533 nof
Caravan 691 nof
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