United Downs Raceway - Monday 27th May 2019

The Spring Bank Holiday Monday fixture at the United Downs Raceway, St Day presented a selection of bizarre and crazy challenges during a remarkable afternoon.

Trucks, Lorrys and Buses

At the start of the meeting, £75 was raised for charity, by way of fares collected from a large number of passengers who climbed aboard the two coaches to take part in the pre-meeting Grand Parade.  210 Mike Johns (lorry), 141 Toby Tiddy (coach) and 998 Martin Knowles (coach) took to the track in their very large vehicles, but soon became spread out in the first race.  Fortnuately, 690 Tristan Clement was on hand in his Banger, and having been released on to the track, he gamely set about trying to nudge and shove the larger vehicles, successfully managing to get Knowles sideways, and the crowd were fully appreciative of a fun-filled race.  Unfortunately, by the time of the next race, the Tiddy coach would not restart, despite ongoing repair work in the pit area.  Ultimately, just Johns and Knowles took the green flag, along with Clement in the Banger.  As the race progressed, repeated attacks on the Knowles coach began to take its toll, and the rear end of the coach started to disintegrate.  Eventually, a section of the coach fell apart, which led to the coach losing its diesel tank, which were deposited all around the circuit.  This necessitated a very long delay during the clean-up operation.  The end of meeting Special Race into a Destruction Derby ended up as a foregone conclusion.  The Knowles coach was left as a sitting target, but after just a few laps, the Tiddy coach also conked out, leaving Clement, this time in the lorry, to batter the coach into final submission.  All drivers had tried their level best to entertain, but the unreliability of the two coaches contributed to the difficulties of the afternoon.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

A 24-car entry contested a two from three format.  Heat one began with 895 Ben Goddard clambering over 228 Stuart Deacon in the turnstile bend, whilst 241 Ginge Crook spun in the pits bend.  944 Callum Hosie hit the front and was still ahead at the midway point, but 542 Steven Gilbert emerged from a battle with 127 Matt Stoneman and 418 Ben Borthwick to chase after him, and in the closing stages he overhauled Hosie to claim the win.  760 Trevor Dube was the early leader of heat two, whilst Stoneman got ahead of Gilbert to begin his pursuit of the frontrunners.  976 Dan Kent took over at the front, whilst a spin for Dube left him in the entrance of turn one, just as the leaders approached, and they were forced to dive either side of him.  Stoneman and Gilbert made it into first and second and that is how they finished, but in a dramatic conclusion, 126 Jamie Avery spun in turns three and four, and was then collected by 759 Ricky Jameson and 663 Bryan Lindsay, which necessitated an early red flag stoppage.  Heat three began with a tangle for 689 Joe Marquand, 302 Dale Moon and 228 Stuart Deacon.  Kent again got into the lead, but was chased by Borthwick and 315 Justin Fisher.  Having nudged Fisher wide, Borthwick then did likewise to Kent to become the third different winner of the afternoon.  The final was typical of St Day; incident-packed, and full of talking points.  Lindsay was the early leader, chased by Kent and Hosie.  By lap six, Kent had taken over the lead, whilst Hosie was now pursued by Fisher and Borthwick.  Just before halfway, Borthwick spun Hosie out of third place, and then came a tangle involving 468 Sam Weston and Crook, which brought about a race suspension.  When the race resumed, Kent’s lead was under threat from Fisher and Borthwick, and further down the order Moon and 667 Tommy Farrell tangled and clouted the fence in turn two.  Fisher got ahead of Kent, and Borthwick’s attack on Kent sent him to the fence in turn two as the race entered its final quarter.  Despite Borthwick’s best efforts, he could not get close enough to Fisher, who held on to claim the third St Day final win of his career.  Gilbert completed the top three.  The Grand National was a more orderly event, as Borthwick won once more, whilst Kent was the runner-up, concluding a fine afternoon for himself.

Stock Rods

The season’s best car count for the Stock Rods included 770 Archie Farrell on his debut appearance in the senior class, and the increased numbers help to produce some close racing.  Farrell’s first race ended early with a puncture, as 41 James Horwell took the lead, and charged a long way clear.  909 Justin Washer and 776 Simon Jones battled hard as they took to the outside line to get past 26 Alan Furse, but they could not reel in Horwell.  Heat two saw Furse get clear of Horwell early on, and the race developed into a trio of separate contests within the one race.  Washer and Jones each found a way past Furse, and that is how they finished at the flag.  Washer and Horwell thus earned front row starting positions for the Adam Ignaczak Trophy final.  Washer got away well, but during the frantic opening laps, it was 3 Matt Peters who emerged in second place, and he clearly had the pace to get on terms with Washer.  Lap after lap the two duelled for the lead, but each time Peters looked to go around the outside, he seemed to be hampered by backmarkers up ahead.  Despite the valiant effort of Peters, Washer was not to be denied, and he duly landed the truly magnificent trophy, with Peters the runner-up and Jones third.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 542 944 127 302 418 468 315 111 844 895
Heat 2 127 542 468 976 689 196 214 nof
Heat 3 418 315 976 895 126 111 539 196 944 572
Final 315 418 542 127 539 895 111 689 126 663
Grand National 418 976 302 667 689 542 539 111 663 944
Grade Awards W 214 Y 976 B 418 R 542
Stock Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 41 909 776 26 3 151 437 81 14 25
Heat 2 909 776 26 41 9 14 3 25 81 437
Final 909 3 776 9 14 437 151 25 81 770
Trucks 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 210 998 141 nof
Heat 2 210 998 nof
DD 690
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