United Downs Raceway - Sunday 7th July 2019

The annual World qualifying round for BriSCA F2 Stock Cars produced some lively action, during an afternoon of high temperatures.  First up was the Grand Parade, and what a magnificent spectacle that proved to be, featuring Keith Barber at the wheel of the pink Aubrey Leighton BriSCA F1 from 1962.  Neil Truran Motorsport sponsored mugs were presented to all the drivers on the Grand Parade, and many of the Heritage drivers did themselves proud with a terrific display.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

With a healthy sprinkling of long distance travelling drivers, the final car count hit 44 of which a good number had raced the previous evening at Buxton.  105 Ross Rowe took a trip over the bonnet of 517 Harley Cornock right at the start of the opening heat, which led to a complete re-run.  14 Mike Priddle led for a number of laps, but as the pack descended on him, he tangled with 418 Ben Borthwick and both were delayed.  801 Jack Cave and 618 Ben Lockwood also tangled, with most of the action happening in the turnstile bend.  890 Paul Rice and 145 Lee Morgan established themselves in first and second and that is how it stayed to the flag.  After 667 Tommy Farrell and 828 Julian Coombes had led the way in heat two, 302 Dale Moon took control, and he won comfortably from 126 Jamie Avery.   Having retired from his heat, Coombes bounced back to grab an early lead in the consolation, and he was still there when the chequered fell, with Cave the runner-up.  There was the most spectacular of starts to the final as 111 Lewis Geach spun and lost a wheel.  Amidst the ensuing chaos, 905 Rob Mitchell got flipped upside down on the start-finish straight.  A complete re-run was required, and in the early stages there were spins for 835 Matt Westaway and Morgan.  Ross Rowe and 24 Jon Palmer spun in turn four, and with Palmer having shredded a rear tyre, he was unable to get himself to safety; a move that was even less likely to succeed when he detached his steering wheel.  The yellow flags were called and once the crashed cars were tidied up, Rice led off the restart.  Moon edged ahead of 325 Ryan Sheahan in pursuit of Rice, whilst some great battles developed further down the order, especially involving Borthwick, 542 Steven Gilbert, 578 Mark Gibbs, 560 Luke Wrench, 315 Justin Fisher and Scotsman 629 Euan Millar.  The gap between Rice and Moon barely fluctuated though, and Rice saw out the remaining laps.  He thus secured a heat and final double to emulate the achievements of his father Peter from fifteen years preiously.  A superb entry of 26 drivers gridded for the Grand National, which stopped almost before it began when 228 Stuart Deacon spun on the home straight and was collected by the oncoming traffic.  In the re-run race Palmer hustled his way to the front, to claim his first win in his new car.

Heritage Junior Stock Cars

Although the number of Heritage drivers was a little lower than in some years, they still produced some close fun-filled racing.  253 Alan Humphrey led away the opening race for lap after lap.  However, in the closing stages, just when a win seemed likely, he was slow to get past backmarker 49 Paul Ferguson.  That allowed the chasing pack to close on him.  Just when 342 Ross Taylor looked to have pounced, he too found Ferguson in his path, and with Taylor slightly baulked, Humphrey went around Ferguson to preserve his lead and cling on for a popular win.  Heat two went the way of 728 Graham Bunter when he managed to hunt down 537 Charlie Barnes who spun in the late stages.  The Kat Kabin sponsored Cornish Open was led for some time by 320 Matt Hatch.  Once past Hatch, 773 Nick Whitney and 763 Andy Bateman duelled for the lead and briefly tangled at one point, with four laps remaining.  They broke free swiftly enough, and Bateman managed to hold on for the win, with Bateman second and 536 John Ferguson third.

2 Litre Old Skool Bangers

Just in excess of 20 drivers contested the latest round of the Supreme Championship for 2 Litre Old Skool Bangers.  862 Darryl Cock was a runaway winner of the opening heat which featured plenty of crashing in the turnstile bend and saw 861 Jean-Marc Penaluna heavily fence 161 Anton Ferris in turn one.  Heat two was a cracking race.  For much of it, 903 Adam Neville looked on course for victory.  However, late on he got caught up with Cock, 232 Alan Roby, 99 David Spooner and 2 Jack Hodges, which left the door open for 47 Marcus A’Lee to pounce brilliantly and snatch a late win.  The final had to be halted when Penaluna and Ferris indulged in their own private DD on the infield.  Once that was resolved, 22 Russ Aplin made his way to the front, but he was hunted down by 452 Anthony Sleeman.  Hodges rolled over in turn one, but landed back on his wheels and the race continued.  Sleeman closed on Aplin and fired him into the pits bend at the start of the last lap.  Aplin spun, and Sleeman took the lead, to win from A’Lee and Cock.


With a couple of drivers absent racing elsewhere, and with others on summer holidays, there was the lowest car count of youngsters in the Ministox for several seasons.  984 Fin Carter was clearly untroubled by it all though, as he stormed to a faultless hat-trick of wins.  In the first heat he led home 927 Owen Robbins, and it was a similar result in heat two once Carter had overhauled 970 Millie Farrell at the front.  Robbins was the runner-up once more.  577 Harry Darby did get ahead of Robbins in the final, but he could still not reel in Carter, who duly completed his trio of successes.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 890 145 542 578 468 539 629 895 835 251
Heat 2 302 126 667 689 315 979 560 325 606 24
Consolation 828 801 196 418 328 111 105 618 876 905
Final 890 302 895 542 560 418 578 629 618 689
Grand National 24 542 667 835 126 689 315 196 905 328
Grade Awards W 663 Y 890 B 302
Ministox 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 984 927 942 577 970 654 985 907 914 nof
Heat 2 984 927 577 985 654 907 914 870 970 942
Final 984 577 927 654 985 907 970 942 870 nof
Heritage Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 253 342 198 763 128 773 728 537 59 49
Heat 2 728 763 773 342 198 128 59 293 37 320
Cornish Open 763 773 536 728 253 nof
2L Old Skool Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 862 912 2 452 232 47 903 22 99 394
Heat 2 47 383 452 76 912 929 22 394 232 99
Final 452 47 862 99 394 912 232 22 nof
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