United Downs Raceway - Sunday 25th August 2019

Most of the August Bank Holiday Sunday fixture at the United Downs Raceway was held in blazing sunshine, giving a great summer feel to the event.  At the start of the meeting, there was great fun with the Ministox Fancy Dress Parade, and one or two of the youngsters took the rare opportunity of being able to shoot at race officials with water pistols, which left onlookers wondering how revenge will manifest itself.

Saloon Stock Cars

A fine showing of 18 Saloon Stock Cars was the best of the season, and augurs well for 2020 when more St Day dates are anticipated.  23 Max Gunter set the early pace in heat one, whilst 902 Junior Buster and 56 George Boult Jnr burst through from the star grade.  799 Joe Powell was also part of the chasing pack, but Gunter was not to be denied, and he claimed a first ever win.  In heat two, Powell made a far better start, and within no time he had moved past Gunter and 130 Chris Durrant to grab an early lead.  27 Kieren Bradford led the star grade pursuit, but Powell ran out a convincing winner.  The Cornish Championship began with an untidy start, and during a congested run towards the green flag, Bradford was spun around.  Powell got into the lead again, whilst 161 Billy Smith edged his way past 447 Adam Hicks and into second place.  Steadily he closed on Powell to take over at the front.  Smith won, Powell was second and Junior Buster stole third on the last bend from Boult Jnr

Banger Vans

Although there were not that many Banger Vans, they still produced a great showing the.  479 Jamie Jenkin overhauled 53 Chris James to win the first heat, and he celebrated winning by spinning aside 405 Graham Harris as he took the chequered.  In heat two, brothers 691 Scott Clement and 690 Tristan Clement duelled all the way to the finish, with Scott just getting to the line by a small margin.  The Mark Hobday Trophy final began with James holding up Jenkin, which set the tone for their tit-for-tat antics which followed.  448 Ian Bray retired early on too.  Tristan Clement was a long way clear out front, and he won emphatically, from Scott Clement and Jenkin, who spun James around multiple times.  The day ended with a spectacular King of Crash/Destruction Derby.  313 Jason Hambley and Graham Harris were involved right from the start, as the Vans pummelled one another repeatedly.  The hits were taking their toll on Chris James, but he just kept on going and going and going, even though his van was falling apart all around him.  Harris eventually landed the final blow, with James gallantly waving him in at the end of a wonderful contest


Such was the rush of late entries for the Bangers, that an extra race was required for them, as they adopted the two from three format.  845 Albert Haines scored a flag to flag win in the first heat, which saw 53 Chris James spin around 776 Terry Senford on the home straight, whilst there were also spins for 8 Chris Nettle, 121 Jason Buddle and 861 Craig Andrews.  In heat two, 196 Craig Cornelius got into an early lead, and even though 320 Dan Abbott closed in the later stages, there was still a first win for Cornelius.  726 Lewis Senford led heat three until the midway point, when 836 Adam Oldham took over, and he went on to a clear victory, with 862 Darryl Cock the runner-up.  The Cornish Championship began with Chris James and 138 Dan Rice tangling on the start-finish straight, and 768 Tyler Cock made no attempt to avoid James, blitzing the stationary car at speed.  James needed assistance from his car, and the race resumed, with Senford and then Cornelius as the early leaders.  891 Martyn Cleave then took over, but he was pursued by his travelling companion Oldham.  When Oldham took over, he looked on course to win, but with 621 Scott Kendall and 85 Jack Beaumont tangling repeatedly, that served to hinder Oldham.  As he was momentarily delayed, Cleave regained the lead at the start of the last lap.  Cleave saw out the final tour, and won from Oldham and Cornelius


The Cornish Championship for the Ministox was dominated by 985 Sam Carter.  He won the first heat, after taking the lead late on when 970 Millie Farrell lost the advantage she had held since the start.  In heat two, Carter overhauled his younger brother, 984 Fin Carter, to clinch pole position for the title race.  The Carter brothers shared the front row, but it was Sam who got away well.  He quickly opened out a lead, and behind him there was good battling amongst 577 Harry Darby, 654 Harley Soper, 927 Lee Robbins and 569 Adam Langridge.  As Sam Carter cruised to victory, Soper held on for second, and Darby took advantage of a spin late on for Robbins to complete the top three.

Saloon Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 23 902 50 799 399 56 27 161 199 476
Heat 2 799 27 50 161 902 56 399 199 476 980
Cornish Ch. 161 799 902 56 399 84 199 980 447 27
Ministox 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 985 907 654 569 984 927 970 566 577 964
Heat 2 985 984 927 577 907 998 970 654 566 870
Cornish Ch. 985 654 577 984 998 907 927 617 566 569
Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 845 836 11 138 281 726 621 944 53 63
Heat 2 196 320 898 931 891 938 281 85 853 768
Heat 3 836 862 898 138 927 891 53 604 931 959
Cornish Ch. 891 836 196 898 938 320 853 304 nof
National Van Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 479 53 691 313 448 405 nof
Heat 2 691 690 405 53 313 448 nof
Mark Hobday Trophy 690 691 479 53 405
King of Crash/DD 405
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