Smeatharpe Stadium - Tuesday 27th December 2022

A sizeable Bank Holiday crowd and a strong entry list of drivers were hit by dismal weather conditions at Banger Bonanza 10, as rain swept into Smeatharpe, and worsened as the afternoon progressed, and it was little surprise that many drivers opted to load up before the closing cycle of races, such was the extremities of the relentless rain.

National Micro Bangers

Sixteen small cars appeared for the first race for the National Micro Bangers, with four drivers – 562 Jayden James, 662 Jared Roe, debutant 773 Blossom Congdon and 775 Callum Congdon – being awarded Best Presented bonuses.  There was an aborted rolling lap when 444 Mike Stacey lost not one, but two wheels, and the race had barely gone one lap before 75 Josh Collings followed in 165 Graham Middlewood, whose Suzuki Wagon was rolled over in the spectacular crash.  For the re-run, 200 Jai Simmons got out into the lead.  Blossom Congdon was dumped in the fence by Collings, before being clobbered by 344 Mike Whitelock.  632 Ryan Karkeek’s tangle with Roe left him in the firing line to be collected by 133 Terry Hill and 241 James Lake.  The wayward antics of some backmarkers saw the advantage Simmons enjoyed over Roe, and then James, ebb and flow, but he was still clear at the chequered.  Collings was the Best Entertainer.  Stacey was repaired for the second heat, which he initially led, until 303 Josh Jones took over, and then Lake led for the most laps, until James relieved him of first place as the race moved into its final third.  Jones blasted the slow-moving Blossom Congdon and ran her into the pit gate, but was on the receiving end from James, who celebrated taking the chequered by running Jones in, in the west bend, before thundering into Roe, who had crashed out with Whitelock.  James was the Best Entertainer.  With more and more competitors having been beaten by the rain, the final and Destruction Derby were combined.  Roe won the race, from 154 Joe Oldham and Collings, whilst plenty of crashing in the west bend saw a train form, James having been run in by Lake, who was then collected by Whitelock and finally Roe.  Lake’s efforts won him the Best Entertainer, and when Oldham clouted Collings, that saw him the last car running to take the DD honours.

2 Litre Bangers

On a soaking wet track, just sixteen drivers gridded, leaving a handful of other drivers who inexplicably missed the chance to chase the last six spots in the Supreme Championship.  From pole position, 6 Danny Greening made an excellent start and led beyond halfway.  In the opening exchanges, 305 Mark Penfold came to a halt on the start finish line, and a few laps later he was inadvertently collected when 206 Matt Brewer was spun into him.  190 Steve Bailey hunted down Greening, but his forceful challenge saw both drivers sail wide, and 131 Sam Hill took advantage to hit the front.  He went on to win comfortably, from Bailey, Greening, impressive debutant 178 Bailey Bradshaw, 99 Ryan Hall and 412 Hayden Galley, who each advanced to the back of the grid for the main race.  Once assembled, the Supreme Championship grid set off on the rolling lap, with pole sitter 133 Terry Hill seeking a fifth title.  However, two laps into the race he was replaced at the front by 246 Ryan Sparks, and then fell further down the order as 278 Shaun Brokenshire grabbed second with 743 Jake Bond in third.  Sparks and Brokenshire duelled for the lead, before the latter broke free and extended his advantage.  Numbers began to dwindle, as drivers fell by the wayside at various points around the circuit.  Brokenshire was a resounding winner, with Sparks the runner-up, and third went to Bailey.  As the heavy rain turned to torrential, a number of drivers called time on their involvement, and thus the two planned half-car heats became just one race.  Sam Hill scored a second win of the afternoon, after 58 Paul Rubery had led the early stages.  Just nine drivers braved the shocking weather for the meeting final, which saw Brokenshire pick his moment to squeeze past Bailey.  Sparks was less successful, for having cautiously tried to find a way past, his late-race move ended with Bailey deflecting him into the marker tyres on the home straight.  Bailey held on to second and Sam Hill completed the top three.  All that remained was a short-lived Destruction Derby, in which Brewer gallantly parked up and Brokenshire blitzed him to end the afternoon.

Old Skool unlimited cc Bangers

The grid for the Supreme Championship, the grand final of the Lorry Breaker Series, made for an impressive sight, with 362 Johnny James and 282 Steve Hunt sharing the front row, just ahead of 186 Lewis Fasey and 246 Ryan Sparks.  As the green flag dropped, James quickly established a lead, with Fasey slotting into second and Sparks third, whilst third row starter 185 Rich Coaker was sent spinning over the start-finish line.  125 John Stokes also spun, whilst Hunt dropped a long way back down the order.  In contrast, 114 Nick Courtier and 133 Terry Hill were clearly the two drivers who were adapting well to the conditions as they edged into fourth and fifth respectively; Hill having avoided the spinning 22 Russ Aplin on the back straight in the early stages.  There was little to choose between James and Fasey at the front, but Hill swept from fifth to third as Sparks dropped back, and soon after, Hill had overhauled Fasey before wrestling the lead from James as the race headed into the second half.  Once in the lead, Hill continued to forge further clear, and he duly ran out an emphatic winner, whilst Fasey relegated James to third in the latter segment of what had been a compelling race.  Seven extra drivers, who had not taken part in a Lorry Breaker Series round during the season, were added to the grid for the first Allcomers race, which made for a busy track.  190 Steve Bailey nipped past 282 Steve Hunt and into an early lead, with Coaker his main pursuer in second.  383 Andre McLellan, 122 Jesse Ashley and Aplin crashed out in the pits bend, whilst James was spun on the exit of turn four which created a chaotic chicane situation for the oncoming traffic.  Bailey ran out a clear winner, with 360 Jack Reynolds the runner-up.  The next Allcomers race proved to the be the last of the day for the big cars, and this time it was Reynolds who led from almost start to finish, after 775 Brad Hunt had been the original pacesetter.

2 Litre Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Last Chance 131 190 6 178 99 412 768 206 261 7
Supreme 278 246 190 131 333 303 908 956 412 59
Heat 131 190 246 278 333 59 412 123 410 355
Final 278 190 131 355 59 333 6 241 246 nof
DD 278
Unlimited Old Skool 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Supreme 133 186 362 114 246 122 185 954 775 225
Allcomers 1 190 360 133 186 148 246 582 775 282 146
Allcomers 2 360 190 246 582 186 225 775 59 133 742
National Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 200 562 662 154 303 75 775 nof Ent 75
Heat 2 562 662 154 45 75 344 nof Ent 562
Final 662 154 75 nof Ent 241
DD 154
Best Presented 562 662 773 775
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