United Downs Raceway - Sunday 11th September 2022

A misty morning, sprinkled with heavy drizzle at times, finally gave way to better weather in the afternoon, which led to a dry track for the second half of a busy race programme as the United Downs Raceway moved into its autumn season.  The event began with an impeccably observed One Minute Silence for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

With 26 drivers in attendance, the F2s produced their best car count since the track’s World qualifying round in July.  Ahead of racing, all drivers on the cupcake Grand Parade were presented with a licence plate memento, to mark their involvement in the Remembering Rog meeting.  On a damp circuit, thirteen drivers gridded for the White & Yellow grade final.  663 Bryan Lindsay was an early spinner, as 728 Jack Bunter took command.  828 Julian Coombes led the chase from the yellow grade, whilst 979 Paul Moss and 35 Charlie Fisher made progress from the blues.  By the midway point, Bunter still had a decent lead at the front, with Coombes, 895 Ben Goddard and Fisher filling the next three positions.  Bunter saw out the remaining laps and survived a late scare when backmarker 232 Dan Abbott spun just in front of him at the start of the final lap.  Bunter picked up the huge Club 21 trophy, Coombes was the runner-up and Fisher grabbed third from Goddard in the closing stages.  Heat two was suspended when 935 Nathan Maidment spun at the end of the home straight and came to a halt, beached on the inner kerb of turn one.  Race leader Coombes was overhauled by 418 Ben Borthwick when the race resumed, as 27 Kieren Bradford, 184 Aaron Vaight and 542 Steven Gilbert fought out an entertaining battle for second, finishing in that order.  By the time of the third heat, the track had dried markedly.  605 Richie Andrews made an early challenge to nudge Bunter aside, and that proved to be a winning move.  Andrews stormed to victory, leaving Maidment and Borthwick in second and third, unable to get on terms with the leader.  The random draw for grid positions in the Remembering Rog double prize money final was undertaken by the late Roger Willcock’s father, Gerald.  762 Mike Cocks and 510 Matt Stone shared the opening laps, before 194 Luke Johnson hit the front, chased by Coombes and Maidment.  With the first quarter of the race completed, Coombes made his move and edged past Johnson.  Just after halfway, Maidment also found a way past Johnson, as the trio of yellow tops set a searing pace.  Although there were few positional changes, the race was still compelling – fast, if not frantic.  The gap between Coombes and Maidment barely fluctuated, and Coombes duly sealed his first feature race win since 2016.  Maidment was clear in second and Johnson held on for third, his best result for some time.  After two runner-up finishes, Maidment finally landed a win in the Grand National, as he resisted the intense pressure of 890 Paul Rice, who had shadowed him for many laps.

Old Skool unlimited cc Bangers

The concluding round of the Lorry Breaker Series attracted the third highest car count of the six round competition and produced an astounding finish to the day’s final for the big rear wheel drive cars.  A busy opening heat saw 232 Alan Roby and 22 Russ Aplin out front.  Roby crashed out in the turnstile bend just before halfway, and Aplin proceeded to claim a rare chequered flag, much to his obvious delight.  Heat two brought a flag-to-flag victory for 185 Richard Coaker.  However, whilst that was a routine race, the final was a real treat.  86 Leon Fasey repeatedly tried to dislodge 991 Ben Hale from the lead, but without success.  In turn, that opened the door for 282 Steve Hunt and 954 Jamie Beere to close on the leaders.  There was a desperate last bend charge by the lead quartet, and as they exited the turnstile bend, a further tangle ensued.  Hunt got to the line first, but in the mad scramble behind, Fasey and Beere appeared to be welded together, with Hale shoving for all he was worth.  Beere got to the line before Fasey by a narrow margin but was then deposited into the marker tyres entering turn one in a truly spectacular finish.  262 Buddy James marked his first appearance of the season with a win in the Allcomers.

Special Rods

An historic first visit to St Day for the non-contact Special Rods attracted a highly impressive showing of 19 drivers, and a two from three format was deployed.  The opening heat began in chaotic fashion as a gaggle of drivers spun and tangled on the exit of turn four.  275 Jack Buckingham quickly stormed into the lead, but he was chased down by 775 Brad Hunt, and late on Hunt squeezed past for a fine win.  Heat two was a similar story, this time with 254 Nigel Manaton as the early leader.  303 Jason Oliver swept from the rear of the grid to the front and pounced to edge ahead when the lead pair encountered backmarkers.  There was a controversial and confusing end to heat three.  After Manaton and 112 Rich James had led to halfway, Oliver again joined the chase of the leader.  The lead duly changed hands when Manaton and Oliver clashed entering turn one.  Although he crossed the line first, Oliver was docked two places in the final analysis, and that saw 700 Ben Brice inherit the victory.  The final featured a number of incidents lower down the order, but out front Manaton was again powering his way to a comprehensive lead, having overhauled 427 George Harris.  There was an erratic showing from 100 Thomas Weeks, but that did not detract from Manaton’s emphatic win, whilst Harris held on for second and 278 Andrew Bressington took third.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W&Y Final 728 828 35 895 605 979 460 475 528 572
Heat 2 418 27 184 542 828 194 988 302 258 895
Heat 3 605 935 418 890 667 194 302 542 828 689
Final 828 935 194 890 667 418 988 605 302 475
Grand National 935 890 667 27 184 418 605 988 475 35
Grade Awards W:728 Y:935 B:418 R:890
Special Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 775 275 445 60 100 700 112 701 768 46
Heat 2 303 254 278 60 445 66 768 100 867 175
Heat 3 700 254 303 701 278 867 175 112 66 775
Final 254 427 278 700 445 775 112 66 275 768
Old Skool Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 22 954 186 282 225 262 648 86 775 383
Heat 2 185 262 86 186 991 22 362 282 654 582
Final 282 954 86 991 186 22 362 185 262 114
Allcomers 262 186 362 185 282 22 991 232 562 nof
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