Autospeed Short Oval Motor Racing | Race Meetings | Previews | Sunday 20th August 2017

The Racewall - Cowdenbeath, Fife KY4 9QQ

Sunday 20 August 13:00

Day two of the Saloon Stock Car World Championship Speed Weekend will feature the F2 Nationals as the main event for the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, whilst the Raymond Gunn Tribute will be the feature event for the Saloon Stock Cars.  There will also be supporting action for the Stock Rods.

10.00am Gates open
1.00pm Racing begins

  • 16 - Craig Wallace

    16 - Craig Wallace

  • 901 - Ian Thompson

    901 - Ian Thompson

  • 751 - Les Smart

    751 - Les Smart

  • 56 - Ritchie Bruton

    56 - Ritchie Bruton

  • 184 - Aaron Vaight

    184 - Aaron Vaight

  • 480 - Garry Sime

    480 - Garry Sime

  • 581 - Dan Fallows

    581 - Dan Fallows

  • 747 - Bradley McKinstry

    747 - Bradley McKinstry

  • 944 - Ryan McCrory

    944 - Ryan McCrory

  • Raymond Gunn

    Raymond Gunn

  • 349 - Michael Allard

    349 - Michael Allard

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

F2 Nationals
Click here for the Roll of Honour
Teen Sensations
Click here for the Roll of Honour
The F2 Nationals is a Championship event which will earn the winner an invitation into the National Series at the end of the season, and with it the opportunity to be one of fifteen drivers looking to win the silver roof.
The F2 Nationals Championship race will feature the highest graded drivers available, and grid positions will be determined by a random public draw.
British Champion 16 Craig Wallace won the F2 Nationals when it was last held at Cowdenbeath (in 2015), whilst 901 Ian Thompson was victorious in 2009.
Reigning F2 Nationals Champion Chris Burgoyne will continue to be sidelined by injury, but has accepted an invitation to present the trophy.

71 Alex Gault 102 Wullie Draeger
203 Colin Forbes 217 Craig Reid
303 Chris Horwell 414 Josh Rayner
751 Les Smart 922 Peter Davidson
56 Ritchie Bruton 121 Henry King
221 Anthony Kincaid 250 Kyle Taylor
321 Holly Glen 419 Ryan Farquhar
850 Blair Anderson
126 Jamie Avery 184 Aaron Vaight
236 Dan Scrimgeour 391 Gregor Turner
476 Ryan Wadling 615 Josh Coleman
679 Kieran Howie 726 Colin Thomson
852 Adam Blacklock 979 Paul Moss
17 Paul Reid 41 Dennis Middler
47 Sean McFerran 64 Marc Fortune
92 John Hogg 100 George MacMillan Jnr
142 Jonathan Hadfield 480 Garry Sime
580 Alan Edmiston 581 Dan Fallows
652 Stevie Forster 722 John Broatch
747 Bradley McKinstry 854 Robbie Dawson
901 Ian Thompson 929 Conor Hughes
935 Dean McCrory
38 Dave Polley 312 Christopher Kincaid
629 Euan Millar 944 Ryan McCrory
16 Craig Wallace

Saloon Stock Cars

World Revenge
Raymond Gunn Tribute
Click here for the Roll of Honour
Generous sponsorship from DK Salvage, PSH Environmental, A9 Auto Services, Ray Goudy Trailers, Stuart's Coaches and the Taxi Centre has resulted in an additional prize fund for the race.
The Saloon Stock Cars will race in their World Revenge fixture, which will feature the Raymond Gunn Tribute race as the feature.  As is traditional for the Raymond Gunn Tribute race, there will be a lucrative first prize of £228.
Last year's winner of the Raymond Gunn Tribute was 349 Michael Allard.

Stock Rods

The non-contact Stock Rods will race in Scotland for the final time before the World Championship is held at Ballymena on 25 & 26 August.
Driver list to follow.

Raceday Programme

In the Raceday Programme, there will be a special feature, looking back at the history of the F2 Nationals Championship.

Admission Prices: General Admission £17; Concession (12-15 year old) £6; Concession (over 65) £14; Family (2 General + up to 4 Children) £43


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