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  • Jul


    Ford Capri Axle/Casing

    Ford Capri axle/axle casing

    Contact: 07746 561896

  • Feb



    If you have a red, TX260 lap scoring transponder for sale, please contact the Autospeed office

    Contact: 01872 271199 or 01934 631500 enquiries@autospeed.co.uk

  • Feb



    Wanted - any memorabilia regarding short oval racing at The Racecourse, Newton Abbot - during the period 1966 through to 1994 inclusive.

    Programmes, photos, etc. Willing to make copies to protect originals.

    Contact: chris@autospeed.co.uk

  • Feb



    Lift from Cheltenham to Smeatharpe stadium and back to Cheltenham when National bangers are racing. Willing to pay £10 towards petrol. If you can help please email me at kevin-john@live.co.uk Thankyou.

    Contact: kevin-john@live.co.uk

  • Sep


    Unloaded 7.3 back issues

    'Unloaded 7.3 back issues wanted, missing lots of years and individual issues from some years.

    Please e-mail me if you are willing to sell.

    Contact: stoxcar@yahoo.co.uk


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