Taffy & Bryn Thomas Trophy

The glorious Taffy & Bryn Thomas Memorial Trophy will be raced for across the two race meetings for BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, resulting in bonus awards and additional prize funding for both fixtures.  The trophy, was hand crafted by former racer Richard Mumford, and features drill rigs and F2 Stock Cars - the significance of which will be revealed in further detail within the pages of the special raceday programme on 5 August.

The first phase will see BriSCA F2 drivers race at the Mendips Raceway on Sunday 4 August.  The meeting at the Mendips Raceway features The Pink Ribbon Trophy.  The prize money on the meeting final will be doubled.

The next evening, at Smeatharpe on Monday 5 August, the Steve Rich Trophy will also be raced for.  Again, the prize money on the meeting final will be doubled.

Points scored on the Sunday at Mendips (full meeting) and on the Monday at Smeatharpe (up to and including the final) will be factored on a multiplication system.  The highest points scorer under this system, at the end of the final on the Monday evening, will win the Taffy & Bryn Thomas Memorial Trophy

There will be Grade Awards – a brand new tyre, for the top scoring White, Yellow and Blue grade driver across the two meetings, with the prospect of further incentives to be announced in advance of these two great race meetings for the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars.

Taffy & Bryn Thomas Memorial Trophy


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