Reopening Restart

Further to the ORC statement regarding the possibility of reopening stadiums and raceways for Practice & Private Hire sessions - click here for further info - Autospeed will be continuing to monitor the situation over the course of the next month.  Whilst some circuits may be keen to resume Practice sessions sooner than others, there are many factors to take into consideration, and Autospeed have no plans to stage such events at St Day or Smeatharpe for at least one month.  It is important that the racing community understands this, and recognises that when it is appropriate to make clear and accurate announcements, these will be published on the Autospeed website in the first instance.  Comment and opinion on social media outlets is purely speculative.  Autospeed are happy that there is clear enthusiasm for some short oval racing activity, but reminds everyone to remain patient, stay alert and keep safe.



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