Procedure & Process

Autospeed operate a set of procedures and processes on raceday which have been honed over time.  This information is regularly disseminated to drivers by way of newsletters and mailings, and at Driver Briefings.

On raceday, drivers who wish to raise an issue are instructed to seek permission at the pit gate, to speak with the Clerk of the Course.  Under no circumstances should a driver arrive, univited, at Race Control.  Typically, the Clerk of the Course will be able to resolve the matter, but on occasions it may be necessary to discuss further with the Steward of the meeting.

If a driver is dissatisfied with the outcome of an issue, and wishes to pursue the matter, a Protest can be lodged.  This will involve paying a Protest fee, and completing a Protest form.

Other than in excptional circumstances, drivers have a time limit of 30 minutes after the end of a race meeting, to lodge a Protest.  Once that 30 minute deadline has been reached, the meeting is considered ended.

To further put this into context, unsolicited post-meeting text messages, or social media messages, are pointless.

On that final point - whinging by way of social media, is a topic which currently seems to be a popular passtime of some drivers within the Autospeed Bangers class.  The progress made by the Autospeed Bangers this season - large grids of cars; a regular stream of new drivers eager to join the fun; and a spark of interest from racegoers wanting to watch the action being served up - is all very positive for the formula.  However, some of that good work is being undone by the drip, drip bellyaching by a few drivers in the 24-48 hours after a race meeting.  Please desist.


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