New Ministox Book

A new book which has Ministox racing as its theme, has just been published.  'Becca's Racing Journey' by Sarah L Groves, is something of a MUST READ book for everyone in the racing community who have a connection to Ministox.

The book is available to buy on Amazon.
Click here to acccess the book.

As the 'blurb' explains, Becca's Racing Journey tells the tale of how, at the age of 13 Becca is feeling that all she does is argue with her Dad and that they seem to having nothing in common.
When she goes for a sleepover at her Grandparents' house she discoers a secret that her Dad has been keeping form her all her life.
He used to be a race car driver!!
After the shock wears off, Becca decides that the only way to reconnect with Dad is to learn about his passion and follow in his footsteps.
Can she convince her Grandad to secretly train her to drive race cars?
Will she be good enough to compete with other juniors?
Join Becca on her journey to find out.
Becca's Racing Journey


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