National Bangers - World Final Qualification

Spedeworth have announced important information about the National Bangers World Final at Ipswich on 3 October.

Click here to access the Spedeworth website news item.

The significance of this information for Autospeed drivers is that:
Driver Bookings MUST be made through their own promotion.
3 Autospeed drivers will be seeded into the race (1 from the Autospeed Points chart, and 2 from the Entertainers League)
Congratulations are in order to 133 Terry Hill, 278 Shaun Brokenshire and 2 Jack Hodges.

4 Autospeed drivers will be offered Last Chance places (all 4 from the Entertainers League)
These are to be confirmed.

The final opportunity for drivers to score points was the Monday 7 September fixture (for unlimited cc National Bangers) at Smeatharpe.


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