Into The Jungle

Community Open Day
United Downs Raceway, St Day
Sunday 28 June 2020

In preparation for the Community Open Day at the United Downs Raceway, St Day, set out below is a list of tasks that will be available for volunteers to attend to.  The list has been produced to give volunteers an opportunity to assess what lies ahead, as opposed to turning up ‘blind’.

Painting/Wood Staining
There are a number of steel posts that will benefit from being painted.
There are many areas around the Raceway where wood staining is required – turnstiles, tea/coffee hut, VIP sector, Toilets, Race Control.
Once cleaned, the Toilets have some sections that need re-decorating.

Some of the Raceway’s storage areas will need some “lift & shift” activity, as the first phase of tidying, ahead of some weeding and returning of items to their storage places.

The store that was broken into, and the Toilets, each need to be cleaned.

Large expanses of the Raceway, notably the infield, have begun to resemble a jungle, with the annual growth spurt of plants in the summer weather (see below).
There will be 4 strimmers available to use on site, but any volunteers who are able to bring their own strimmer too, will not be short of options as to where to use them.
The front entrance of the Raceway will also benefit from some strimming.

A reminder that the Community Open Day is due to run from 10.00pm through to 5.00pm.  Volunteers are welcome to spend as much time as they like at the Raceway, but the fundamental thinking behind the day is for volunteers to visit for just an hour, maybe two.
St Day overgrown


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