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The Real Steel team are going to great lengths, quite literally, to make their mark at the National Micro Bangers Team Event which takes place during the Speed Weekend at Smeatharpe on 20 & 21 May.

In terms of Autospeed's National Series for the National Micro Bangers, any driver who races a stretch limo version of a National Micro Banger, will gain automatic entry into the grand final of the series on 30 September.

Several of the Real Steel team have taken up that challenge, including 737 Ian Crandon, 747 Bradley Dee (see below) and 421 Josh Mayo.

To find out exactly how many of the Real Steel 8-man team have taken up the stretch limo challenge, be at Smeatharpe for the Speed Weekend.
Click here for the full raceday preview of Saturday's qualifying heats.

747 Micro Limo


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