Fixture Amendments

The following fixture amendments have been announced...

Sunday 7 July - St Day
Ministox Fancy Dress - postponed
Reason - Some Ministox families have asked for more time to prepare for the Fancy Dress Parade, once children have broken up for School Holidays.  This will be reviewed for possible rescheduling later in the summer.

Sunday 4 August - Smeatharpe
Saloon Stock Cars Devon Championship - rescheduled for this date
Reason - Postponed from 22 June, this event has now been rescheduled.

Sunday 11 August - St Day
National Micro Bangers - withdrawn from the fixture
Reason - Low interest in the 16 June fixture at St Day and again in the 9 July fixture at Smeatharpe.  This will be reviewed for possible rescheduling on 25 August.


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