Fixture Amendments

The following fixture amendments have been announced...

Sunday 12 August - St Day
Amendment - The Bangers will race for their Cornish Championship at this meeting.
Reason - See 26 August.

Sunday 26 August - St Day
Amendment - (Rookie) Bangers have been withdrawn from this meeting.
Amendment - National Micro Bangers were withdrawn from this meeting, but this decision has now been reversed.  National Micro Bangers ARE ON AT THIS MEETING.
National Banger Vans have been added to this meeting and will race for their Cornish Championship.

Reason - After the fun and success of the National Banger Vans at St Day on 6 May, there has been strong demand for a repeat event.  The (Rookie) Bangers have indicated that their attention is focused on the following day's Tony Jeanes Trophy event at Smeatharpe.


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