Crasharama Raffle

Fancy being the event sponsor for Crasharama at Smeatharpe, on Spring Bank Holiday Monday 29 May?

That is the prize at stake in a special bonus ball raffle 1-59 on Lotto.

The raffle winner and 10 guests will gain VIP tickets for Crasharama, which will lead to a day out in
hospitality, including refreshments and a chance to watch the race action from the priority viewing area.
There will be an opportunity to
present trophies to the winners in the Banger races.
There will be a commemorative photo of the winner's party and the Crasharama top 3 presentations.
There will be a further memento of the day, by way of an award which is presented to each qualifying driver.

As a further bonus, the winner will also receive 2 x Adult Tickets to Autospeed Banger Championship of the World at Smeatharpe on 3 September.

Tickets for the raffle are
£20, and can be purchased via PayPal - - and it is important to identify which raffle number(s) is requested.


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