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As previously announced, Autospeed have been monitoring and reviewing the ORC sanctioned Practice Events that have been taking place on the nation’s short oval circuits since the beginning of June.  Satisfied with the progress of these events, and drawing on the experience of our fellow promotions, Autospeed are now keen to make the next step towards holding a Practice Event at each of their venues – Smeatharpe and St Day.  The dates for these ORC approved Practice Events are still to be confirmed, but we are now calling on the Autospeed family to play their part in speeding things along by way of a Community Open Day at each venue.

The aims of the Community Open Day will be to give each stadium some ‘TLC’.  From the regular stream of enquiries about a return to racing, and for Practice Events in the intermediary period, we know just how keen the racing community is to get ready for cars to speed around the tracks.  However, before that can happen, both Smeatharpe and St Day would benefit from some undivided attention.  Many folk have expressed a strong interest to ‘help out’, with several noting that a change of environment will be most welcome for them too.

At Smeatharpe, the stadium has undergone considerable activity during the lockdown period.  Many of the tasks awaiting volunteers at Smeatharpe will be based on tidying and smartening up, so those who are willing and able to head to Smeatharpe are encouraged to bring a paint brush and/or a bucket and sponge.  There are lots of infield tyres in need of painting, along with the infield armco, whilst large sections of the infield would benefit from some sweeping up.

At St Day, the raceway has undergone its usual summer time foliage growth spurt.  Many of the tasks awaiting volunteers at St Day will be centred on regaining control of vegetation – so plenty to cut down and trim back.  There is also much tidying to be carried out in relation to putting things straight after the break-in on 8 June.  Those who are willing and able to head to St Day are encouraged to bring a broom, or some garden implements that will be of use for cutting and trimming, and possibly a paint brush.  There will be a small number of strimmers available at the track.  Anyone who is able to bring larger machinery would be very welcome indeed, and is encouraged to get in contact with Autospeed in advance of the day.

We do not expect anyone who is looking to attend either Community Open Day to spend a long amount of time, and we cannot contemplate an over-crowded venue – hence, we are looking to welcome small numbers of volunteers during the course of the day.  What we are suggesting is for those folk who are keen enough, who have a spare hour or two, to make that sort of ‘flying visit’ – turn up, an hour of two helping out, and then be on your way again.

It almost goes without saying, but to be absolutely clear, anyone who does attend will be expected to adhere to the Social Distancing guidelines.  For added clarity, all activities will be outdoors.
Community Day Smeatharpe Community Day St Day


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