Community Open Day - St Day

Autospeed would like to thank the intrepid explorers who braved the wastelands of the infield and surrounding areas at the United Downs Raceway, St Day on Sunday 28 June.  Approximately 30 volunteers contributed to a terrific day of progress for the venue, which has been transformed from an overgrown jungle, into its more traditional state.

Here is the Raceway, before the weekend.
St Day overgrown
Here is the Raceway, after the weekend.

St Day tidied

As was the case with the Community Open Day at Smeatharpe the previous day, the help and support again underlines the communal value of the stadium.
We are very grateful for your assistance, and thanks too, to The Golden Lion, for some refreshments for the work party.
Autospeed will now continue efforts to arrange a Practice Event for St Day - further info to follow when available.


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