Calling BriSCA F2 White Tops - £500 Bonus

This Sunday, 8 October, at Smeatharpe, five years on from the last White Top winner of the BriSCA F2 Ladies Trophy, there is a £500 bonus up for grabs for white graded drivers.

Five sponsors: A & B Autos, Autospeed, Cullompton Glass & Glazing, Roll A Door and St Austell Bay Motor Auctions, have each pledged £100 to make a £500 prize fund, which will be won by a BriSCA F2 white top IF they are able to win the meeting final at Smeatharpe on Sunday 8 October, when The Ladies Trophy is the feature prize at stake.

Glenn Sanders (ex-734) - see below - was the white top who won The Ladies Trophy at Smeatharpe in October 2012.  Will the £500 bonus inspire a similar performance from the front of the grid?
734 crosses the line


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