BriSCA F2 £2000 Zetec Challenge

There is exciting news for BriSCA F2 Stock Cars in 2017.

Whilst Autospeed will continue to maintain prize money levels at each of its meetings, and actively seek raceday sponsors and bonus awards for lower grade drivers, there has also been the announcement of the £2000 Zetec Challenge (see flier below).

Since the first publication of the flier, MDP Services have offered a Zetec engine for the highest points scorer in the series at the end of round 7, whilst HCE Performance and Neil Dunne Welding have been added to the list of sponsors.

The series began on Sunday 19 March at St Day.
Round 2 was contested at Northampton on Good Friday 14 April.
Round 3 was contested at St Day on Sunday 30 April.
Round 4 was contested at Smeatharpe on Saturday 20 May.
Round 5 was contested at St Day on Sunday 18 June.
Round 6 was contested at Smeatharpe on Tuesday 20 June.
Round 7 was contested at St Day on Sunday 23 July.
Click here for the current standings.

Zetec Challenge


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